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Relevant Resources

If the field of interpreting interests you, or you need information on a variety of related subjects, we provide this list of resources.

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF)
Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA)
National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
Northern Virginia Association of the Deaf (NVAD)
Hearing Loss Association of America
Virginia Association of the Deaf (VAD)
Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons (NVRC)

Deaf Theater & Cultural Arts (Local)

Arena Stage: Voice (202)488-3300, TTY (202)484-0247, FAX (202)488-4056
Bethesda Academy of Performing Arts, Deaf Access Program: TTY (301)229-3739
Ford's Theatre: Voice (202)347-4833, TTY (202)347-5599, FAX (202)638-1001
Gallaudet University, Elstad Auditorium Box Office: TTY (202)651-5502
Kennedy Center: TTY (202)416-8524
Round House Theatre: Voice/TTY (301)933-1644
Shakespeare Theatre: TTY (202)638-3863
Smithsonian Institution Accessibility Program: TTY (202)786-2414
Tawes Theatre, University of Maryland: Voice/TTY (301)405-2201
Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts: Voice (703)255-1900, TTY (703)255-1849


National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders: Voice (301)496-7243, TTY (301)402-0252
Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Voice/TTY (804)662-9502

Learning Resources

Gallaudet University Press
Harris Communications
Hearing Loss Association of America
Sign Media, Inc.
ADA Home Page, A Guide for Implementing the ADA

Newspapers & E-Zines

DeafRead vlogs
Barry Strassler’s DEAFSPORTZINE
The NADmag, NADezine

Schools & Universities

Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C.
Maryland School for the Deaf
Columbia, MD: Voice (410)465-9611, TTY (410)465-7710
Frederick, MD: Voice/TTY (301)620-8500
Montgomery County Public Schools Programs for Students Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Deaf & Hard of Hearing
The Deaf Resource Library